Within an hour of harvest, our product is Flash Frozen Cured. First the product is frozen until the water molecules reach a solid state, then those molecules are quickly converted into a gaseous state and removed through a process called sublimation. This is a patent pending method we employ that eliminates over 80% of the water weight. Normally this is achieved by hang drying the product for several months, but by freezing the product immediately after harvest, the buds are preserved exactly how they were on the plant. This means less terpene content is lost while the product is being cured, it also means a longer shelf life and better shelf appeal. The final cured product has the consistency of compressed cotton candy, due to the lower level of water content one gram of Space Weed looks like nearly two grams of normally cured weed.

Flash Frozen Cured Cannabis vs. Traditionally Cured Cannabis (Volume). See the difference in volume. The same strain and the same weight. The only difference is the cure. See one of many reasons why Flash Frozen Cured bud is the future of Cannabis curing.