Immediately after harvest, the flower is freshly frozen until the water molecules reach a solid state, then those molecules are quickly converted into a gaseous state and removed through a process called sublimation. This is a patent pending method we employ that eliminates over 80% of the water weight, producing 50% or more volume of cannabis. Normally this is achieved by hang drying the product for several months, but by freezing the product immediately after harvest, the buds are preserved exactly how they were on the plant.


This means less terpene content is lost while the product is being cured, it also means a longer shelf life and better shelf appeal.


The final cured product has the consistency of compressed cotton candy, due to the lower level of water content one gram of Space Weed looks like nearly two grams of normally cured weed.

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In a normal curing process the cannabis is simply hung in a room for an extended period of time. There are different strategies for controlling the temperature and humidity of that room but ultimately these are all techniques that slowly remove moisture from a plant. This is the way it has always been done because it is the only way known to growers. What happens during this slow cure is that the flower loses color, vibrance, and terpene content. Imagine what would happen to any other flower if you were to air dry it. A rose would lose color, and wilt, even if you somehow kept the air at the perfect temperature and humidity. Shelf appeal and clean potency are the two most important factors that determine the quality of cannabis, both are compromised during a slow cure

We have created a patent pending technology that solves all the problems with a traditional cure. Our flower is flash frozen within an hour of harvest. Then the water molecules in the plant which have been frozen solid are instantly converted into a gaseous state, skipping the liquid form, so that one hundred percent of moisture can be removed by low pressure vacuums. This is a scientific method called sublimation and it is how many familiar foods such as space ice cream, and instant camping meals are made. We have adapted this process for safe use on our cannabis flower, and the benefits have exceeded everyone’s expectations. The result is a flower that has the same potency, vibrancy, color and aroma as one that is actually growing on a plant. This entire procedure only takes 1-3 days, the time that saves you, compared to several months, could benefit any company in the industry. Removing moisture from the weed prevents our cannabis from going bad, meaning that terpene and cannabinoid content do not degrade. Our products can sit in people drawers or behind dispensary counters for months or even years, and remain unchanged. Lastly you actually get more cannabis per gram when your product has been flash frozen cured. This is because there is absolutely no water weight left after curing, making our jars up to 50% more full.

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